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Customs updated a GST Guide again! 关税局再更新了GST指南!

10 Mar
Customs updated a GST Guide again! 关税局再更新了GST指南!

The Royal Malaysian Customs Department (Customs) updated the Guide on Accounting Software Enhancement Towards GST Compliance again after one month.
Last update was on 5th February 2018 and the latest update on 8th March 2018.
关税局继2018年2月5日发布了GST会计软件指南后, 才一个月,又在2018年3月8日发布了最新的GST会计软件指南!

The updates are mainly on Field 15 of GST-03 Return.

There are some advised/proposed tax codes within the guide which caused disputes…however, as mentioned in the guide its “not mandatory” and while Customs has mentioned there will be more updates to clarify related issues, we should all keep up with these updates and understand in-depth before applying them as Customs has given grace period till 30th June 2018.

Grace Period till 30th June 2018 to adopt Field 15 in GST-03 Return


Q&A 22 listed out the tax codes to be included in field 15
问答题第22 列明第15项所包含的税务代码


Added Q&A 23


Tax Code “IS” only need to fill in into Field 14 of GST-03 Return

New email address ?for inquiry on GST Accounting Software guide