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GST Updates: Taxable Period, Tax Codes & GST Return-03

14 Feb
GST Updates: Taxable Period, Tax Codes & GST Return-03

1. Updates on Taxable Period  应纳税期的更新
2. Updates on GST Tax Codes GST 税务代码的更新
3. Updates on Changes in GST-03 Return Form GST-03申报表更改的详情

[ 1. Updates on Taxable Period  应纳税期的更新]

GST registrants may now request to the Director General of Customs for a two months taxable period (Bi-Monthly) subject to the following conditions:
GST注册商家可向关税局总监申请换成两个月制的应纳税期(双月制),须符合以下条件:• Applicable only for registrants with a monthly taxable period
• Registrants under cash basis industries such as retailing are not allowed to apply
• All applications will be subject to Director General’s condition and approval
*All applications MUST BE be made via Taxpayer Access Point (TAP).所有申请须通过TAP系统申请。

[2.Updates on GST Tax Codes GST 税务代码的更新]

  • There is ONE additional tax code 增加了1个新的GST税务代码  (IM-CG)
IM-CG refers to all capital goods imported into Malaysia which are subject to GST.

The GST amount is calculated on the value which includes cost, insurance and
freight plus the customs duty payable (if any) that based on the import declaration
form (Customs Form No. 1 (K1), and other reference documents).

IM-CG 是指所有进口到马来西亚须缴GST的资本货物。
该GST金额的计算是包括成本、保险和运费加上根据海关 K1 表格和其他参考文件进口报关的应付关税(如果有的话)。
*NEED to disclosed in field
6(a), 6(b) & 16

  • 4 Tax codes are removed 4个税务代码被移除 (EP, RP, GP, NP)
  • 3 Tax codes are combined into ZP 这三个GST税务代码合三为一了!用ZP (EP, RP, GP)
Tax Code ZP refers to goods and services purchased from GST registered suppliers whereas GST is charged at zero-rated or not subject to GST. This is also commonly known as zero-rated purchases. This purchases are including:
a. zero-rated purchase as prescribed in GST (Zero-Rated Supply) Order 2014.
零税率采购(根据GST零税率供应法令2014)b. an exempt supply are prescribed in GST (Exempt Supply) Order 2014.
免税供应(根据GST免税供应法令2014)c. purchase of goods which given relief from charging and payment of GST. Example for this tax code are purchase of RON95 petrol, diesel and other relief supply that been given relief from GST as prescribed under GST (Relief) Order 2014.
采购豁免征收与支付GST的商品。税务代码例子为:采购RON95汽油,柴油和其他根据GST豁免法令2014的豁免GST供应品。d. purchase transactions which disregarded from charging and payment of GST under GST legislations. Examples, purchase within GST group registration, purchase made within a Warehouse Scheme & others disregarded supplies and etc.

[3. Updates on Changes in GST-03 Return Form GST-03申报表更改的详情]

More details on changes in GST-03 Return Form mentioned in last newsletter.
Field 15  changed from “Total Value of GST Suspended” to “Total Value of Other Supplies”

These are the GST tax codes included under “Total Value of Other Supplies”.

GST Tax Codes & GST-03 Return Mapping