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New GST Amendment – Change in GST Return Form

12 Jan
New GST Amendment – Change in GST Return Form

The Royal Malaysian Customs Department (hereinafter referred to as ‘Customs’) has released the Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Regulations 2017 on 29th December 2017, to amend the GST Regulations at the year-end as most of the amendments are effective from 1st January 2018.
关税局于2017年12月29日颁布了宪报Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Regulations 2017, 赶在年尾修改GST条例,因为多数修改在2018年1月1日生效。

From these amendments, businesses should be aware of the change in GST-03 Return Form field 15 as the businesses affected may need to keep up with the updates for accurate reporting of GST Return.
这次修改中,商家最需留意的是对于GST-03 申报表的修改,因为第15项要填的东西换了! 若所涉及的商家没跟进到这项更新,有极大可能在下个月报GST时会填错申报表。

What are the changes in GST-03 Return Form?

  • Field 15 will be changed from “Total Value of GST Suspended” to “Total Value of Other Supplies”


What are included under “Total Value of Other Supplies”?

      • Customs has not mentions in the amendment what are the supplies that fall under the “Total Value of Other Supplies”, however, these types of supplies could be included:

        1)GS- Disregarded Supplies 无视供应品
        2)OS- Out of Scope Supplies 商品及服务税范围外的供应品
        3)NTX- Non-Tax Chargeable Supplies 不含税的供应品

        Will there be more “other supplies” that fall into this field? More details will be revealed in Customs’ official announcement.

How does the change affect businesses?

  • Mapping of supplies to the correct tax code is more critical to businesses now, if a GST tax code is applied wrongly, it would affect the accuracy of the GST Return.

  • Businesses’ accounting software must be able to keep up with the changes and be updated.

  • Although the TAP system has yet to renew the field 15, however, as the Customs has released an official amendment to the regulation, if there is no delay, businesses are most likely to start using the amended field 15 in filling GST-03 Return Form for taxable period of January 2018.

Please be aware that Customs has yet to officially announce what are included under “Total Value of Other Supplies” and TAP system are yet to be updated. Businesses are advised to check Customs announcements and guides from time to time. But fret not, you are not alone as YYC will bring you the latest updates.