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PEMERKASA Strategic Programme Highlights |【经济与人民强化配套】重点

18 Mar
PEMERKASA Strategic Programme Highlights |【经济与人民强化配套】重点

17 March 2021–Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced new economic recovery programme dubbed PEMERKASA (Strategic Programmes to Empower the People and Economy) worth RM20 billion.

The following are the highlights of PEMERKASA:


1) The government will allocate RM700 million to extend the wage subsidy program 3.0 for three months in a more targeted manner. This is mainly for tourism, wholesale and retail, and other businesses that were closed during the MCO period, such as stadiums and spa sports centers. The plan is expected to help 400,000 workers and 37,000 employers.
1)政府将拨款7亿令吉,以更具针对性的方式将工资补贴计划3.0延长三个月。 这主要是针对旅游业、批发和零售业以及在MCO期间关闭的其他行业,例如体育馆和水疗运动中心。 该计划有望帮助40万工人和3万7000名雇主。
2) SME Corp. will provide RM50 million to help local SMEs obtain financing of up to RM250,000 at interest rates as low as 3%.
2) 中小企业机构(SME Corp.)将提供5000万令吉,以帮助本地SME以低至3%的利率获得高达25万令吉的融资。
3) The government to give extra tax breaks (limited to expenses up to RM50,000 per company for manufacturing and service companies who have registered and approved by MITI ‘s Safe@Work initiative. The registration starts on 1 April 2021.
3) 政府将为已注册并获得MITI’s Safe@Work批准的制造业和服务业公司提供额外的税收减免(每家公司的支出上限为5万令吉)。注册时间从2021年4月1日开始。
4) A total of RM200 million is provided for financing schemes for the development of automation, digitization and use of green technology. MIDF has also agreed to reduce the loan interest rate from 5 to 3% (12 months, starting April 1, 2021)
4) 政府提供2亿令吉,用于发展自动化、数码化和使用绿色技术的融资计划。MIDF也同意将贷款利率从5%降至3%(12个月,从2021年4月1日开始)。
5) SME Bank will provide a loan fund of RM200 million to finance the purchase of machinery with a grant incentive up to 20% on the value of the machine.
5) 中小企业银行将提供2亿令吉的贷款基金,为购买机械提供资金,并提供最高达机器价值20%的补助奖励。
6) An additional fund of RM50 million for the Smart Automation Grant under MIDA is also provided. To support IR4.0, an allocation of RM50 million will be given to the Industry4WRD program under MITI.
6) MIDA下的智能自动化补助金提供了5000万令吉的额外资金。为了支持IR4.0,将向贸工部的工业4.0方案拨款5000万令吉。
7) The Malaysian Cooperative Commission(SKM) will provide financing incentives of up to RM100,000 without collateral to help affected cooperatives. These funding applications will be simplified and the approval process will be expedited by providing repayment flexibility after six months of funding is approved.
7) 马来西亚合作社委员会将提供高达10万令吉的融资奖励,无需抵押,以帮助受影响的合作社。这些资金申请将被简化,审批程序将被加快,因为在资金获准后6个月内,将提供还款灵活性。
8) The government will also raise the Market Development Grant from RM300,000 to RM500,000 for each company participating in the international exhibition platform. A matching grants worth RM50 million will be provided to develop the aerospace and medical device industries.
8) 政府将把每个参加国际展览平台的公司的市场发展补助金从30万令吉提高到50万令吉。政府将提供价值5000万令吉的配套补助金,以发展航空航天和医疗设备产业。
9) The government has approved a matching grant of RM30 million to encourage investment in the mechanization and automation of the palm oil industry.
9) 政府已经批准了3000万令吉的配套拨款,以鼓励对棕榈油行业机械化和自动化的投资。
10) Employers who offer short-term work or gig services platform providers registered with Perkeso will receive RM200 for each worker hired or placed.
10) 提供短期工作的雇主或在Perkeso注册的gig服务平台供应商,每雇用或安置一名工人,将获得200令吉。
11) Among the measures to be implemented include the eBizLink initiative, a virtual and hybrid digital marketing platform, as well as the Globepreneur initiative which aims to highlight more potential SMEs to the international market.
11) 将要实施的措施包括 “eBizLink “倡议,这是一个虚拟和混合的数码营销平台,以及 “Globepreneur “倡议,其目的是向国际市场推介更多有潜力的中小企业。
12) Employers who conduct COVID-19 tests for their employees are allowed to make additional tax deductions on the cost of COVID-19 tests for expenses incurred up to 31 December 2021.
12) 允许为自己的员工进行COVID-19测试的雇主针对截至2021年12月31日所发生的费用对COVID-19测试的费用进行额外的税收减免。

13) The government has agreed to provide one-off cash assistance of RM600 to homestay operators registered with MOTAC.

13) 政府已同意向在MOTAC注册的民宿经营者提供600令吉的一次性现金援助。

14) To help cash flow and reduce the costs of hotel operators, theme parks, convention centers, shopping malls, local airline offices, and travel and tourism agencies, the special 10% electricity bill discount will be extended for another 3 months until June 30, 2021.

14) 为了帮助酒店运营商、主题公园、会议中心、购物中心、当地航空公司和旅游机构管理现金流和降低成本,电费折扣10%的计划将再延长3个月至2021年6月30日。

15) The government allocates RM30 million to help women entrepreneurs shift their business online.

15) 政府拨款3000万令吉,帮助女企业家将业务转移到网上。

16) The Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) has agreed to increase the indebtedness threshold from RM10,000 to RM50,000.
16) 马来西亚公司委员会(SSM)已同意将负债门槛从1万令吉提高到5万令吉。

17) The government says 12-month waiver on listing fees for those requesting to list on Main Market, ACE Market and LEAP Market.

17) 政府表示,对于那些在主板、ACE和LEAP市场上市的公司,免收12个月的上市费用。

18) RON95 petrol and diesel to have fixed ceiling price of RM2.05 and RM2.15 per litre respectively.

18) RON95汽油和柴油的固定上限价格分别为每升2.05令吉和2.15令吉。