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PERMAI Assistance Package Highlights |【经济与人民援助安心配套】重点

19 Jan
PERMAI Assistance Package Highlights |【经济与人民援助安心配套】重点

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has announced the “Perlindungan Ekonomi dan Rakyat Malaysia” PERMAI Assistance Package worth RM15bil on Monday (Jan 18). Muhyiddin said a total of 22 initiatives will be implemented under Permai, anchored on three main objectives namely – Combating the Covid-19 outbreak, safeguarding the welfare of the people, and supporting the business continuity.

The following are the highlights of PERMAI Assistance Package:
1) Wage Subsidy Program 3.0
-All employers operating in the MCO states will be eligible to apply
– Irrespective of sector
– Eligible employers will receive a wage subsidy of RM600 for each of their employee (earning less than RM4,000)
– The wage subsidy limit of 200 employees for each employer will be increased to 500 employees.

1) 工资补贴计划3.0
2) The Government will expand the Prihatin Special Grant Plus assistance to cover 500,000 SMEs in the seven MCO states with a payment of RM1,000 each, while 300,000 SMEs in other states will receive RM500 each.

2) 政府将给予1000令吉特别关怀基金(GKP)给50万名在7个落实行管令州属的中小企业。其他州属有30万名中小企业将获得500令吉特别关怀基金。

3) Government will accelerate the implementation of the SME and Micro SME e-Commerce Campaign and Shop Malaysia Online campaign, with a total allocation of RM300 million.

3) 为加速中小企业和微型企业的“电商化”,政府将拨出3亿令吉发起“大马线上购物”运动。

4) For those who suffered loss of employment during the MCO enforcement, the Government has agreed to relax the conditions for the Employment Insurance System program or SIP PRIHATIN. Employees who do not meet the minimum contribution conditions, or whose contract was not extended after having been renewed for at least 3 times previously, are now eligible to apply for the SIP PRIHATIN assistance of 30 percent of their monthly salary for a period of 3 months.

4) 政府将放宽申请就业保险计划(SIP)的条例:对于未达到缴付最低缴纳金的会员,或已在更新至少三次但没有获得延长服务的人士,现在获准申请就业保险计划财务援助。获得的财务援助是薪水的30%,长达3个月。

5) Special tax deduction to any company that provides a reduction of rental on business premises to SMEs of at least 30% from the original rental rate from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021. This special deduction will be expanded to cover the rental reduction also given to non-SMEs. This special deduction period will also be extended until 30 June 2021.

5) 政府已从去年4月开始,为那些将营业场所租金减少至少30%的公司,提供特别税务减免。这项特别扣税期限从今年3月31日延长至今年6月30日。

6) Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) will exempt the employer levy for companies that are unable to operate during the MCO and CMCO periods.

6) 人力资源发展基金(HRDF)将对在MCO和CMCO期间无法运营的公司免征税。

7) The moratorium facility, including extension of the moratorium and restructuring of loan repayment will continue to be offered by banks as announced previously. For flood-affected states, 15 banks have offered the loan repayment moratorium.

7) 政府将在这次MCO期间,继续为人民提供暂缓还贷和减少分期付款额的的援助。至于受水灾困扰的州属,15家银行已提供暂缓还贷献议。

8) Government will expedite the implementation of microcredit schemes that had been announced previously. They are the RM1 billion microcredit facilities include soft loans amounting to RM390 million by Bank Simpanan Nasional, RM350 million by Agrobank and RM295 million by TEKUN.

8) 政府将加快实施先前宣布的微型贷款计划,这10亿令吉的微型贷款计划包括Bank Simpanan Nasional的3亿9千万令吉,Agrobank的3亿5千万令吉和TEKUN的2亿9500万的微型贷款。

9) In appreciation of the noble efforts of those who would like to make contributions towards curbing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government has announced several incentives in the form of tax deductions for donors who have been assisting in cash and kind those impacted by the pandemic.

9) 任何为冠病疫情作出现金或物资捐献的人士,可获得营业总收入或总收入的税务减免。

10) A special tax relief of up to RM2,500 on the purchase of mobile phones, computers and tablets which expired on 31 December 2020, will be extended for another year until the end of 2021.

10) 原于去年12月31日截止的2500令吉购买手机、电脑和平板电脑的税务减免,将会进一步延长至今年12月31日。

11) The provision of free 1 Gigabit data has been offered to the public to browse websites, including for educational purposes. This RM500 million facility started on 1 January 2021, and will be extended until the end of April 2021.

11) 电讯公司已于今年1月1日,为用户提供1GB的免费上网数据(教育用途)。这项总值5亿令吉的援助,将于4月杪结束。

12) A special discount of 10 percent on electricity bills from January to March 2021 to six business sectors nationwide, comprising hotel operators, theme parks, convention centres, shopping malls, local airline offices as well as travel and tour agencies. In addition, electricity rebates will be given to all TNB users, domestic and non-domestic at a rate of 2 sen per kilowatt-hour, which is equivalent to a reduction in electricity bills of up to 9 percent for a period of 6 months, from 1st January to 30th June 2021.

12) 全国6个领域的企业,2021年1月至3月的电费将获10%特别折扣,包括酒店及旅行社。另外,所有TNB用户(包括家庭和非家庭用户)将享有每千瓦时(kwj)2仙电费折扣;换言之,2021年1月1日至6月30日这段时间,将可享有最多9%的电费折扣。

13) The one-off cash assistance of RM500 for tour guides, and taxi, school bus, bus, rental car and e-hailing drivers.

13) 政府将派发500令吉的援助金,予1万4000名导游、11万8000名德士司机、学巴司机、旅游巴士、出租车以及电召司机。

14) Rescheduling and Extending the Moratorium Period for MARA Loans and MARA Premises Rental.For MARA borrowers, MARA will continue its MARA PRIHATIN Peace of Mind 2.0 program, where borrowers can apply to reschedule the repayment of MARA education loan facilities, or for business loan moratorium until 31 March 2021. In addition, MARA entrepreneurs affected by COVID-19, MCO and the floods can apply for the MARA business financing rescheduling programme.

14) 重新安排和延长MARA贷款和MARA房屋租赁的暂停期。对于MARA借款人,MARA将继续其MARA PRIHATIN 2.0计划,在此计划中借款人可以申请重新安排MARA教育贷款设施的还款期限,或申请暂停商业贷款,直到 2021年3月31日。此外,受COVID-19,MCO和洪水影响的MARA企业家可以申请MARA商业融资重新安排计划。

15) The first batch is expected to be vaccinated by early March, and Malaysia is expected to meet its target of vaccinating more than 80 percent of its population or close to 27 million people by the first quarter of 2022.
15) 大马冠病疫苗接种计划,将于3月开始。预计到了2022年第一季度,有80%或2700万名大马人接种疫苗。
16) SOCSO is involved in the COVID-19 Screening Test Program on registered foreign workers. The cost of screening will be borne fully by SOCSO in red zones to identify possible.
16) 已向社会保险机构(PERKESO)注册的红区客工,将可免费检测冠病。
17) Private hospitals have agreed to receive and treat both COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients to help alleviate the strain on the public healthcare system. The Government will allocate RM100 million for this purpose.

17) 私立医院已同意接受和治疗COVID-19和非COVID-19的患者,以减轻公共医疗体系的压力。 政府将为此拨款1亿令吉。

18) The Government appreciates the contribution of delivery riders who form the backbone of the delivery services of goods and meals during this MCO period. In this regard, RM24 million has been allocated by the Government to fund the full contribution under SOCSO’s Self-Employment Social Security Scheme.
18) 政府为了答谢在MCO时期做出服务的送货车手的贡献,政府拨出2400万令吉,以资助SOCSO的自雇式社会保障计划的全部供款。
19) The one-off provision of RM500 to healthcare frontliners and RM300 to other frontliners will be paid in the first quarter of this year.
19) 一次性向医疗前线人士提供500令吉,向其他前线人士提供300令吉。
20) To further enhance the i-Sinar facility, especially for those facing challenges due to the MCO and floods, the Government has been informed that EPF will provide an advance of up to RM1,000 from the amount applied under the i-Sinar Category 2 facility.
20) 公积金局决定改善i-Sinar计划,以便为受到疫情和水灾影响的人士提供援助。因此,该局将会预先发放1000令吉给i-Sinar计划下的第二组申请者。
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